Judgement forces Banco Sabadell to return the money to two Valencians for undelivered housing

Good news! The Provincial Court of Valencia requires Banco Sabadell to return the money to two Valencian people. These people made an advance payment for the purchase of an off-plan property. Property that was never delivered. After 12 years, they will get their 20,307 euros that they deposited in 2005, in addition to the legal interests and the corresponding costs.

What does this judgment tell us?

If you have no idea of laws, don’t worry. We summarize it: those banks that accepted these advance payments by buyers of property had to open a special account for them with the corresponding guarantee. If not, they are responsible for that money lost  from the buyers.

Quoting the judgement itself, “in the sale of houses, credit institutions that admit the advance from buyers in a promoter’s account without requiring the opening of a special account and the corresponding guarantee. If not, they will be liable for the total amounts anticipated by the buyers into the account or accounts that the promoter has opened in that entity. “

This judgment is relevant. It confirms what the Supreme Court has already advanced.

What can you claim?

Those who bought their off-plan property and lost their money can still claim their deposit. This sentence is a clear example. In addition, they may not only claim the money deposited: they may also claim legal interests and costs. Considering that in many cases it has been more than 10 years and that we talk about substantial amounts, the interests you can get are no joke.

What do you have to do to get your money back? You only have to prove that you made a payment to your bank to buy a house that was never delivered. 

You can trust us 

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