Best tips to sell your real estate in the Costa del Sol

March 5th, 2019 / Juan Pablo García Pinzón / 0 comments

If you have an interest in selling your house, there are a couple of important decisions you need to make first. One of these decisions has to do with your location. If you are living in a different country to the real estate you want to sell, you will need the services of an expert real estate agent to handle the selling of your real estate.

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I have been injured in an accident in Spain. Can I claim?

January 18th, 2019 / Juan Pablo García Pinzón / 0 comments

If you were injured while on holiday in Spain, you could be entitled to compensation. As you may know, there are certain situations in which someone may be liable to compensate another person for causing him or her harm or damage. Let’s see if that is your case.

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How does your money tax when you win a claim in court?

December 10th, 2018 / Juan Pablo García Pinzón / 0 comments

After a long wait, you get your reward. Your claim was satisfied, and you get your money back. However, you are not the only one to obtain some good news: the Tax Administration wants its part. In this post you can learn about the fiscal obligations you have after winning your case and how you can fulfill them.

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Judgement forces Banco Sabadell to return the money to two Valencians for undelivered housing

December 19th, 2017 / Jose Antonio Romero / 0 comments

Good news! The Provincial Court of Valencia requires Banco Sabadell to return the money to two Valencian people. These people made an advance payment for the purchase of an off-plan property. Property that was never delivered. After 12 years, they will get their 20,307 euros that they deposited in 2005, in addition to the legal interests and the corresponding costs.

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September, the month of renting

December 14th, 2017 / Juan Pablo García Pinzón / 0 comments

September is here. For many, we enter the most hated month: we return to work, to the academic year … goodbye holidays!

However, for the Legalbono team this means that we return full of energy! 😉

Today we will talk about something that seems hard to believe: for some, September is the month of rubbing hands. Yes, you read it right. September may also be a desired month.

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What you didn’t know about a lawyer’s fees

December 13th, 2017 / Jose Antonio Romero / 0 comments
When a legal problem arises or we need to be advised, the first question that comes up to the client is how much a lawyer costs and how he will have to make the payment. This article will help you to clarify this and other typical questions related to lawyer’s fees.

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The digital transformation in the legal profession: Legaltech

December 12th, 2017 / Juan Pablo García Pinzón / 0 comments

Do you remember when you had to go to a travel agency to plan your next vacation almost without another alternative? It’s far away, isn’t it? The reason is simple: digital transformation.  In this post you will discover  how it will affect the legal sector!

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Three reasons to claim a delayed flight

December 9th, 2017 / Jose Antonio Romero / 0 comments

Due to the high amount of flights that are carried out every day, it is normal that you can suffer any delay in your flight. However, have you claimed your passenger rights? Throughout this post, we will explain why you have to claim the airline, how to do it step by step and what compensation for the delay of the flight you can get in return. Let’s get started.

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