If you have a mortgage with IRPH, it's time to get your money back
If you have a mortgage with IRPH, it's time to get your money back
Start your IRPH claim
If you have a mortgage with IRPH, it's time to get your money back
Start your IRPH claim Start your IRPH claim
IRPH mortgage claim
Reclamación Hipoteca IRPH
Reclamación Hipoteca IRPH


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No Win-No Fee You only pay when we've won your case

Viability analysis at no cost We study all the abusive terms on your mortgage and claim them

99% success rate We have a huge amount of expertise in the banking industry 

Compensation in advance If your case is viable, you could receive part of your money without putting up with long respites 

What is a IRPH mortgage claim?

The Mortgage Loan Reference Index (IRPH) is an interest rate used in Spain which, like other indices such as the Euribor, was used by banks to determine the interest rate payable on many mortgages. It is estimated that approximately 1.3 million mortgages have been linked to personal income tax.

This index, which is prepared by the Bank of Spain taking into account the average of three-year loans granted by financial institutions, was and is much more expensive than EURIBOR.

Does my mortgage have IRPH?

Finding out if your mortgage has IRPH is very simple. You just have to look at the deed to your mortgage.

Generally, it is in the third clause where the variable interest rate is reflected. There you will specify if your variable interest is Euribor or IRPH (it can be IRPH Cajas, Entities, Banks...).

If you do not have the deed at hand, you can also check the last receipt of your mortgage and the interest you are paying. Knowing that the Euribor is currently at 0%, if your rate is much higher than the contracted differential it is most likely that you either have a floor clause or you have IRPH. In both cases, you can make a claim.

How does this affect me?

As we were saying, personal income tax has been higher than Euribor, so anyone with personal income tax on their mortgage has paid much more than they would have if they had been subject to Euribor.

Our advice: if you have IRPH on your mortgage... Claim it!

Claim irph mortgage

Figure out for yourself how much money your bank owes you.

How does the calculator work?

It will take you less than 3 minutes to know the amount you can recover.
It is recommended that you have your mortgage deed close by to access basic information such as:
The date of signature, what type of income tax appears on your mortgage or how often the variable rate is reviewed.

It's simple:

1. Enter all the data.
2. Find out how much money you can recover from your IRPH mortgage.
3. Claim your bank.

Shall we start?

Calculadora IRPH

On average, floor clause claims ups to €8,000 per affected. We also recover your mortgage's formalization expenses.

We will keep you informed during the whole process:

  • 1

    Fill out the contact form and attach the needed documentation. You will receive an email confirming your request.

  • 2

    An expert will contact you within the next 72 hours to let you know how much money you will be able to recover.

  • 3

    Once you agree on out terms we will file the lawsuit.

  • 4

    The bank will offer a compensation agreement. The estimated time depends on the workload of each court.

Frequently Asked Questions about IRPH

Currently, the Supreme Court has declared that the IRPH is valid because it exceeds the control of transparency. However, as with the ground rules, the issue has reached the European Court of Justice, which will soon decide whether the Supreme Court's interpretation is correct or not. If the Court decides that the Supreme Court has made a mistake (most likely scenario), the way will be open for all those affected to claim and recover their money.

The Court is expected to rule during the first half of 2019 and, in any case, throughout this year. As a matter of fact, the date of the hearing has been set for 25 February at 2.30 p.m.

En this post We have written extensively on this issue. We advise you to take a look at it to get out of your mind. In any case, the bottom line is that the ECJ will most likely correct the Supreme Court and rule that personal income tax is indeed subject to transparency control and can therefore be claimed. In fact, the European Commission has already issued a report contradicting the Supreme Court when it declared that it was not abusive.

We have also dedicated a full post about this subject. It's no coincidence that the bank is now offering you such a deal. The most advisable thing is not to sign and wait for the ECJ to rule, as signing such an agreement would complicate your chances of later claiming from the bank.

Do you remember what happened with the floor clauses? After the European Union's Court of Justice ruling correcting the Supreme Court, thousands and thousands of people filed their claim and courts all over Spain collapsed. If you provide us with the details of your case now, from legalbono we can start to carry out the necessary procedures prior to the lawsuit. In this way, you will be able to anticipate the more than probable favorable judgment of the Court and recover your money sooner.

All you have to do is fill in the form with the information we will ask you for. At some point you will have to attach the following documents:

  1. Writing the mortgage loan
  2. Depreciation table
  3. Invoice from the land registry
  4. Notary's bill
  5. Invoice from the agency
  6. Invoicing of the tax of legal acts (AJD)

With this documentation, we can claim your personal income tax, but we will also look for other abusive terms in your mortgage, such as incorporation fees, increasing the amount you can get with your claim.