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Now you can recover the amounts you paid for mortgage incorporation expenses

You can claim this abusive term to the bank successfully. Get your money back.

What expenses can I claim?

When you formalized the mortgage with your bank, they included abusive terms forcing you to pay the mortgage expenses. These expenses are:

- Tax of documented legal acts

- Expenses of management

- Expenses of notary

- Expenses of registration

- Expenses of appraisal

- Now you can also claim the arrangement fee

How does it affect me?

The bank should have taken charge of these expenses but no entity took them in full. As a result, the client is the one who has paid the expenses associated with the mortgage loan.

Our advice: If you think you can be affected... You know what to do!

Claim mortgage incorporation expenses

What should I do if I have paid the mortgage incorporation expenses?

No Win No Fee ®. No upfront payment!

We will claim all expenses you have paid illegally. In addition, we will study your mortgage to look for other possible legal claims that you may have and not be aware of, which is highly likely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Incorporation Expenses

They are all the expenses associated to the constitution of the mortgage the bank obliged to pay to the consumers. For example, notary expenses, property registration, management fees, the tax on documented legal acts...

Banks forced the consumer to pay for the mortgage's incorporation expenses, assuming a considerable extra outlay. However, the Supreme Court has considered that, since the bank is the main interested in registering the mortgage loan deed, it must be the bank the one assuming those expenses and not the consumer.

If you have a mortgage, then you likely have paid for the mortgage incorporation expenses. Mortgage incorporation expenses were introduced in almost every mortgage loan.

Yes, you can (and should) claim as long as it hasn't passed more than 4 years since you finished paying your mortgage. The expenses you will be able to claim are:

  1. Tax on documented legal acts
  2. Management fees
  3. Notary fees
  4. Registration fees
  5. Housing appraisal costs
  6. Bank comissions

If we win your claim, the bank must return you the mortgage incorporation expenses to which we referred in the previous question (including the amount corresponding to the tax of documented legal acts), all added to the legal interest of your money to count from the moment you made the payment of these amounts.

No, we can't guarantee you a 100% chance of success. What we can tell you is that, despite the fact that no claim can have a 100% success rate, mortgage incorporation expenses claims are accepted in a very high percentage and, unless your case is very specific, we are very likely to win your claim. Anyway, remember that we operate under a policy "no win, no fee" so, in the remote case that we lost, you would not pay our fees.

You just have to fill in the form with the information that we will ask you. There will be a point where you must enclose the following documentation:

  1. Mortgage deed
  2. Amortization table of your loan
  3. Invoice of the property registration
  4. Invoice of the notary
  5. Invoice of the management company
  6. Invoice of the tax of documented legal acts