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What happens with Plusvalia tax in Spain?

The Constitutional Court considered the tax was unconstitutional when you have not gains with the selling of your real estate. But this case is better because there are some courts which admit the calculation of plusvalia tax is wrong, so you can claim this tax also with gains.

What is the Plusvalia tax?

The plusvalia tax is a local tax which charges the value increase of the urban lands. This increase is quantified having in mind the years you have owned the real estate, in other words, years between the buying and the selling of the property.

What happens if I have no gains?

The plusvalia taxes charges the gains, but it’s not possible to charge without gain. That’s why all the taxes payed when there was not gains they can be claimed. The period to claim it’s one month or four years, depending if it’s a liquidation or auto liquidation.

And if I have gains?

A lot of judgements endorse about the calculation of plusvalia tax is wrong, because this formula considers the increase in a future, but it has to be the increase in the past. That’s why we use a new formula which has been approved by some courts and asking for the return of the overpaid tax.

We study your case for free and we will inform you about how much you can claim, what are you waiting for?

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How does it work?


We have set up this brief online form to get to know your case. You can fill it out from your computer or smartphone at any time. You just have to:

1. Answer some simple questions.

2. Scan and send us the requested documentation.

3. A legal expert will contact you to let you know how much money you can claim back.

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On average, the Plusvalia claim amounts to 4.500€ each affected person. We study your case and inform you about how much you can claim.

We keep you inform each procedure step:

  • 1

    1- Fill the contact formulary and enclose the documents. You will receive an email with your request.

  • 2

    2- Before 72 hours, an adviser will contact you to indicate how much you can regain.

  • 3

    3- When you accept the claim inform, we will file a reclamation to the Town Hall or the corresponding administration. We will do all the admin managements necessary, because they depend of the case.

  • 4

    4- After admin managements, we will file a lawsuit in court.