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Illegality in Timeshare contracts

A large number of timeshare contracts (also called time Share, timeshare, or multi-property) obliged customers to hire timeshare for life, without being able to pay their maintenance fees. This sale in perpetuity is contrary to the law 42/1998, so that any contract after this date that does not set a term of duration of between 3 and 50 years, violates the law.

Moreover, although they were promised, many of them (customers) could not get the desired apartments in their weeks of preference. The clients suffered a multitude of abuses such as irregularities in the reservations, stays in resorts to which no maintenance was carried out or the payment of amounts in advance as alleged deposits, something totally prohibited by law.

How do I know if I am one of those affected?

Whether you were charged an advance disguised as a deposit, if your contract did not stipulate the duration of the timeshare (which must be between 3 and 50 years), you can claim your contract for failing to conform to the law and the doctrine that the Supreme Court took with its sentence of 2015.

Can I claim if I am one of those affected?

If, as we said, you feel you suffered abusive clauses when hiring a service timeshare, you can claim and recover your money. In fact, the Supreme Court has already failed in more than 66 occasions giving the right to all those affected by abusive clauses in their timeshare or timeshare contracts.

Plus, you are also able to claim if any of the following situations apply to you:

  1. You wee not given enough time to consider wheter you were making the right decision or not.
  2. You were not informed of rising maintenance fees.
  3. You were not informed of additional maintenance costs.
  4. You were not informed about the inability to cancel your contract at anytime.
  5. You were not informed of exactly how a timeshare works
  6. You were not informed of exactly what property you were buying a timeshare in.

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Put an end to the abuse of the timeshare and recover the illusion of going on holidays.

What will I get with the claim?

You will get the nullity of the timeshare contract and return the corresponding money, which varies depending on each case. Also, if you advanced money as a reservation, management expense or deposit, you will recover these amounts.

How do I start my claim?

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