Claims to service companies: supplies, transport, banks

Learn about the different ways to make claims to companies in all types of service sectors, depending on the contractual breach and the service they provide. We explain how to elaborate your letter of claim that you will have to send via Burofax to the company to prove its effectiveness.

How are consumer rights defended?

It is often the case that during the provision of services by supply companies, banks, insurers or transport companies, problems arise because they do not properly comply with the contract. The law for the defense of consumers and users protects you against those contractual breaches.

Therefore, as a consumer you have the right to:

  • Make your claim for the charges you think were improper.
  • Terminate your contract and claim the payment if the circumstances are given.

The contractual breach may be minor or serious. This will depend on your claim reasoning. For that reason, we offer you information about those claims that you may need to defend your rights.

Most common types of claims

  • Claims to banks: For example, credit institutions and other financial institutions have a duty to address and resolve complaints and grievances of their financial services clients. They must facilitate the contact with customer service departments by requirement of the order ECO/734/2004 of 11 March, on the departments and customer services of financial institutions.
  • Claims to supplies companies(electricity, water, gas, telephony…): It usually occurs when a supply company breach an important contract clause. It could be fee collection without providing the service, unjustified charges on the invoice, neglect of its technical service, increasing or changing the bill without notice… The company has the obligation to refund what you paid or to make a discount on your future bills.
  • Claims to transport companies (plane, train, bus…): Another very common case is the unjustified delay of a flight, train, bus or any transport, even the cancellation of the trip a few minutes from the exit, producing a detriment to the passenger. Since the judgement of the European Court of Justice in 2015, airline companies have a duty to compensate passengers in case of cancellation of the flight due to technical problems!

 How do I start the claim?

  • Find the way to communicate with the company and its requirements.
  • They will require the sending of a burofax to the customer service department to proof the receipt of your claim.
  • You can also fill a claim sheet and go to the consumer’s service to proof your complaint.
  • In case of cancellation of a ticket, you can go to the Customer Service window to request the refund.

You can always ask to one of our legal advisors to help you with your claim