Motorcycle bill of sale in Spain

Are you planning to purchase a motorcycle, but you don’t know what steps you should follow? Then keep reading this guide about the motorcycle bill of sale. After reading it, you will be aware of all the characteristics of this transaction. You will also find the needed documentation and what you must verify before making the purchase.

What is the motorcycle bill of sale?

The motorcycle bill of sale is a legal document that records the sale of a motorcycle. If you have a motorbike on property and you want to sell it, you can use our contract model. With this document you will be able to make the purchase quickly and securely, simplifying the transaction.

Before using the bill of sale, you should…

When making this kind of transaction is advisable to have a sale agreement for motorbike.  This allows you to take certain precautions before making the purchase. With these checks you will be sure about the secureness of purchase and the veracity of the data. It will also avoid possible future conflicts. You should request the following documents:

Statement of the vendor’s ownership:

Be sure that the person who is selling the motorbike is its owner and not an intermediary, because if any problem arise you will need the correct vehicle owner to appear in the contract.

This check can be made by requesting the seller one of the following documents:

  1. DNI of the seller.
  2. Circulation permit to his name (DGT)
  3. Vehicle Technical Inspection Card.
  4. Motorcycle Ownership Report: Can be ordered online at DGT.

In addition, the DGT Vehicle registration (“Dirección General de Tráfico”) is public, so you will be able to consult the data freely. To do this, you will have to facilitate the registration number and the reason for your enquiry. Then, they will provide you with all the information available (owner, technical data, number of previous holders, circulation permit, VTI expiration and vehicle charges).

Statement saying the motorcycle is unencumbered

You should confirm that the vehicle has no pending payments (fines, loans…). This can be confirmed with the title report of the motorbike. This check is essential, because if there are pending charges you will not be able to change the ownership of the motorbike without paying them.

Tax of mechanical traction vehicles:

You should check the special mechanical traction tax (traffic tax) to verify that the motorcycle is authorized to circulate.

Vendor’s statement confirming that the motorcycle has no breakdowns

If you can’t get the motorbike inspected, you can request this statement from the seller.

Characteristics of the motorcycle bill of sale

Some of the main characteristics of the motorcycle bill of sale are:

  • The contract must be in writing and it has to be very clear.
  • It must contain the conditions of the sale.
  • The document must be signed by the buyer and seller. In addition, each one must keep a copy together with a photocopy of the ID of the other party.

As for its content, the key points that this document must contain are:

  • Personal data: Must contain those of the buyer and the seller.
  • Date: Will contain the day of the sale and the exact By including the exact time, we avoid possible problems, for example, fines that the buyer could receive after the transaction.
  • Vehicle data: Brand, model, license plate, frame number, color…
  • Vehicle conditions: It is necessary to detail the current conditions of the vehicle. With this we will be able to carry out possible claims.
  • Price: Set the purchase price, including the transfer taxes payable by the purchaser.
  • Statement saying the motorcycle is unencumbered
  • Change of ownership: It must be indicated that the purchaser is the person who is going to carry out this procedure. The purchaser will make this change once transaction is complete. You will also have the obligation to hire a motorcycle insurance.

 Following all the steps of our guide you will be able to formalize your motorcycle purchase, but if you still have doubts, ask our specialists.