Online business: Guide and documents for your website

New forms of online business emerge as alternatives for SME. Combining both traditional and electronic commerce is currently the most effective, direct and fast way to reach the consumer and a wide range of markets. It’s also one of the ways of selling with future potential for any current company.

In this guide you will find ideas to start your online business with the necessary documents for a safe management of your Web.

Why choosing online business?

Online commerce has been consolidated in recent years as the consumer’s star choice to buy products, with a growth of 10% each year. No future is conceived without this channel of e-commerce. Avoiding the client to go to the physical store, office, or large warehouse is the future. It also opens a new field of opportunities for service providers. In addition to innovative markets based on this technological system, you can benefit by offering your product online to customers.

On the other hand, more and more companies with physical presence in the market create their website where they sell their products. These are introduced on the Internet through mobile phone applications, partly because there is a massive use of smartphones.

Ease and convenience have become a consumer need of the 21st century and e-commerce is the best solution. That’s why online businesses are a great opportunity.

Main characteristics of the e-commerce

Online business are also known as e-commerce.  It consists of the acquisition of products or services through electronic means, such as the Internet and other computer networks. This new method for doing online business detects the need for companies, traders and consumers. It reduces costs and improve the quality and delivery time of goods or services.


  • Since they are online business, we can manage them from anywhere, at any time.
  • The potential market for e-commerce companies is anyone with Internet access.
  • Advertising and marketing savings.
  • It makes easier for the consumer to compare prices, product descriptions, suppliers, delivery times.
  • Being a Web, it is possible to add more richness of contents at low cost (color, video, audio, text, images…)
  • It also allows greater communication with the consumer.
  • Customizes the information that is shown to the consumer: the name, advertisement of articles according to their interests, etc.


Among the main aspects producing the mistrust of potential buyers are the following:

  • Lack of information about the seller’s identity. It is important that companies that sell products or services on the Internet are perfectly identified on their website.
  • Lack of closeness with the seller and the product.
  • Online payment. Nowadays. making secure payments using Internet is possible. To do this, there are encryption techniques that guarantee the confidentiality of electronic transactions. The data contained in these transactions (bank accounts, card number, personal data…) are only accessible by the parties involved. In addition. Digital signatures also guarantees the integrity of the transactions, avoiding that a third party can modify the transferred information.

Start your online business

You have to act with prudence and the necessary knowledge for the online business to work properly. The first thing is to analyse the viability of the SME according to your main product or service:

  • Know your market in deep.
  • Choose the type of business and the appropriate environment, meaning knowing the country, region and sector.
  • Plan and evaluate each one of the company areas, being relevant marketing, HR, and finance.
  • Determines strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to extract possible lines of action.
  • Make an economic-financial feasibility study of your business idea.

Set up your company

Once you define what product or service you are going to sell, meditate on the legal form that you will give to your business. The “Business Creation” guide will inform you about what types of society you can create for your business project.

For the setting up you can use our documents or ask our experts for personalized advice.

Documents that your website may need and can easily be created using our platform:

  • Legal Notice (terms and conditions of use)
  • Privacy Policy and Data protection
  • Cookies Policy
  • Technology Outsourcing

Do you want to create your own online business? Contact our specialist lawyers and we will advise you.