What is a freenlace?

Each day more and more companies use freelance contracts It is a way to outsource the services that are not profitable for the company. This document allows an independent professional (freelance) to perform punctual work for a company for a certain period. Don’t you know what is a freelance yet? Keep reading these lines.

 What is a freelance model?

The freelance is an independent professional who has a collaboration contract to perform punctual work in a company. This agreement allows to outsource certain services or works of the company, because they are not profitable for it and would be a disadvantage to make them. Thanks to the outsourcing we can obtain a multitude of benefits. Among them are economic savings or the fact of having a specialized worker without having to train the personnel of the company.

The main features of the freelance contract are:

  • The freelancer is an independent professional, so he must be established as self-employed.
  • No employment relationship is established between the worker and the company, so the freelancer is responsible for their labour costs.
  • The independent professional can carry out projects for different companies at the same time.
  • Duration of the freelance contract is determined. The delivery date is agreed in advance in the contract.
  • The freelancer determines his/her work schedule.
  • Freelancer work is paid based on the project carried out and the result obtained.
  • After the conclusion of the agreement, the parties have no obligation to continue with their relation.
  • The work or services to be done by the freelancer are reflected on the document.

Content of the freelance contract

Do you know what a freelancer is, but you don’t know how to make the contract? When developing a work independently, contractual security is a must.  The income of the professional depends on it. Among the main points that a freelance contract must contain are the following:

  • Personal data: It must contain data from both parties.
  • Work: You must describe in detail what the work and its characteristics consist of.
  • Duration: The duration of the contract and the date of delivery of the work must be specified.
  • Price: It will define the amount to be paid, in addition to the deadline and the payment method.
  • Changes: The contract must reflect what will happen in case of changes of some kind or if there will be additional payments.
  • Cancellation: It should specify the conditions by which the project can be cancelled.
  • Responsibilities and obligations should be defined.  
  • Property of the job: The document should specify who is the owner until the moment of payment.
  • Copyright: The restrictions of the material to be used must be known.
  • Signature: It must be signed by both parties.
  • Annexes: You should include accompanying documents that delimit the benefits and all the characteristics of the work (place, materials, machinery…)

Benefits of the freelance contract

Advantages for the company

  • Lower operating costs: The independent professional takes care of the costs necessary to develop his work. In addition, the company avoids paying vacations and salary bonus.
  • You avoid paying Social Security: The freelance will pay his own social security fees and sick leave.
  • Better organization: The company has more time to attend other issues.
  • Responsibility: By depending on their earnings, freelancers are often responsible for their work.
  • Project enrichment: You will have the opinion of a professional with experience in various areas.
  • Layoffs: There is no compensation for dismissal.

Advantages of being a freenlacer

  • Activity: Flexibility in establishing the object of the contract.
  • Independence: You can determine your schedules and place of work.
  • Earnings: Possibility of obtaining a higher remuneration. That is because the money you earn is proportional to the work you do. You can also do projects for several companies.
  • Learning: By working on a wide variety of projects, the worker acquires skills very quickly.
  • Price: You can agree on a fixed price of the project or by objectives.
  • There is no overtime work: You charge the work you do.

Now you know what a freelancer is. Remember that the contract must be made in writing. It should also be expressed in a simple and clear way. It is essential to detail all working conditions correctly, because this will avoid future conflicts. By doing this, it is easier to find a solution to any problem.

Don’t you know yet what is a freelancer? Have you doubts about the realization of the contract? Then contact our specialist lawyers and they will help you.