Subleasing of business premises and other spaces

Have you ever thought about sharing your business premises or renting a parking space? In this guide we explain everything you need to know about the subleasing of commercial spaces, and the rental of garages or storage rooms. We also tell you the different options for your contract.

Business premises subleasing contract

Sharing the space by the subleasing of unoccupied offices to other companies or even renting part of the premises for another business is a way to save costs. This tendency to share spaces in a company has grown in recent years to reduce the cost of the rent. Another advantage that can be obtained from this type of subleasing contract is that it can lead to making new contacts.

If you decide to rent part of your space to other businesses or to individual workers, you can use an agreement to record all the important details. For example, what is being rented and the amount of the rent.

With this contract you can agree on:

  • The duration of the contract
  • Rent and payment method
  • Deposit
  • Supplies (electricity, heating, Internet, photocopies and telephone lines). In addition, it should be clarified whether they will be covered by the rent or if additional payments will be made.
  • Rules of use of the premises or office.
  • Rights and responsibilities of the tenant.
  • Any other agreement, provided it is not contrary to law or public order.

Parking lease

Si eres dueño de una plaza de aparcamiento que no usas, puedes optar por alquilarlo de forma que te proporcione algún beneficio. Aunque puede ser bastante sencillo encontrar a alguien que quiera arrendar este estacionamiento, sobre todo en el centro de la ciudad, lo mejor es establecer el acuerdo por escrito desde el principio y así evitar posibles conflictos.

If you own a parking space that you don’t use, you can choose to rent it. It can be quite easy to find someone who wants to rent your parking space, especially if it’s located in the center of the city. However, don’t rush it. You should establish the agreement in writing from the beginning and thus avoid possible conflicts.

With the parking lease contract, you must cover all the details:

  • Rent and payment method
  • Rent to pay and its form.
  • Responsibilities, claims and indemnifications arising from the use of the space.
  • Duration of the contract.
  • Option-to-purchase clause, which would allow you to buy the parking space later, if you want to obtain it.
  • Use of space.

Storage room lease contract

When you have a storage room available and you need some extra money, or you just have that unused space, a good option would be to rent it to another tenant. This process is very simple, you just have to pay attention to detail all the possible conditions and characteristics of this property in the contract. It’s important to specify the storage prohibitions established in the property (live animals, plants…). It is also advisable to have the agreement in writing form to offer greater security.

What you should include in your contract

  • Rent and payment method.
  • Duration and the conditions in case of anticipated termination of contract.
  • Prohibitions in terms of storage.
  • Responsibilities and rights. You should also include possible damages.
  • Supplies
  • Deposit
  • Rules of use of the lumber

If you are going to make a subleasing of commercial premises or the rent of any space, do not hesitate to contact with our specialized lawyers. They will advise and solve all your questions.