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Sometimes it can be difficult to be aware of the rights to claim you may have. That’s why we have prepared a short form to identify all your legal needings so you can see what can you claim.


Get to know what can you claim


Make your claim easily, anytime, anywhere

A lot has changed in recent years. The way to enforce your rights, too. If nowadays you can book a hotel room anywhere in the world from any place and at the time you choose, why should it be different when it comes to claiming what you are entitled to?

Making your online claim is that easy:


1. Everything starts with a click

Choose what you want to claim and click to start your claim from any device. No tedious visits to a law firm, putting up with music on hold or changing your schedule to set an appointment. Claims when and from wherever you want.

2. As easy as writing your first and last name

Just fill in a short form with the required information. There are not technical questions, but basic data like your first and last name. Just tell us what happened to you, as you would tell a friend. It’ll take you just a few minutes. Also, you can start whenever you want, even stop and then continue to your whim. You’re the boss here.

3. Safer than traditional methods

If your concern is security, we have good news for you. When you claim with Legalbono all your data is protected. Any document you sign is backed by your electronic signature. Electronic signatures are even more secure than traditional ones, as it includes time stamping. In addition, you can access all your documents from the legal cloud, so they are always at your fingertips.


Get to know what can you claim


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