Best tips to sell your real estate in the Costa del Sol

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If you have an interest in selling your house, there are a couple of important decisions you need to make first. One of these decisions has to do with your location. If you are living in a different country to the real estate you want to sell, you will need the services of an expert real estate agent to handle the selling of your real estate.


We bring you the best tips to take into account when selling a property in the Costa del Sol

The basics

The first thing you should do is make sure your property is in a good state. Hire a professional to deep clean your home, including carpets, floors, etc. Apply fresh paint to those walls that are looking grubby. It’s also significant to have your swimming pool in good condition, even in winter seasons. You will want to create a good impression of space, so be sure to pare down rooms with too much furniture.

Also, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So, find a good photographer and take professional pictures of your property to attract more potential buyers. As well as having good photos, your property should always be in a state where it’s ready for viewing. Also make sure that your terraces, balconies and porches are in good condition, because the exterior of a property can be a selling point in the Costa del Sol. The sun is one of the best things in the south of Spain.

You need to be aware that some buyers will try to offer propositions below the asking price. Do not get offended by this; it’s not a slight against your home. Selling a property can be like any other business transactions — the buyers like the house, but they are always going to propose a better and lower price from their point of view.

Required Documents

Your real estate agent will request that you provide some documents to the agency, including a set of keys, so he can begin the search for potential buyers of your property. These documents include:

  • Land Registry Information regarding the property (Title Deed)
  • Last receipts of property and garbage collection taxes
  • Community of Owners details
  • Photographs of the property

You will need to set an asking price and also sign a commission agreement with the agency. This commission is a certain amount, usually a percentage of the sale price, to be paid to the agency once the property is sold. This commission ranges from 3% to 5%, excluding VAT.

If you want more information about the documents you will need to provide, you can download this guide we prepared for you.

Download your guide

It contains a lot of tips that will help you sell your property in the best way and for the best price. You will even find information about taxes, mortgages and anything else you need to know. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have as we are here to help you!

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