The digital transformation in the legal profession: Legaltech

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Do you remember when you had to go to a travel agency to plan your next vacation almost without another alternative? It’s far away, isn’t it? The reason is simple: digital transformation.  In this post you will discover  how it will affect the legal sector!

Legaltech is here to stay

Thanks to the Internet everything is at your fingertips. Anyone can buy flights, book hotels, find out where to do sightseeing, discover the best restaurants … from the comfort of the home. With only having at your disposal a computer, Tablet or smartphone. Today, we see it as something normal. However, we must thank the new technologies for that. They have facilitated the digitalization and automation of most of the things we do on a daily basis. 

The digital transformation will be a reality in the next 10 years, complementing any product to make accessible to people solutions that were previously unthinkable.

The legal sector will not be an exception

Legaltech in 2017: Welcome to the digital transformation

Despite being something as traditional as the law, this sector is currently in full development and growth. The market has gained weight especially in the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia. But it is gradually coming to the rest of countries like Spain.

We talk about legal services where the legal part and technology merge into one. The technologies behind it, now emerging as artificial intelligence or cloud environments, will be with a high probability conventional technologies within 10 years.

Can you imagine customizing contracts, signing documents or making claims completely online from the living room of your house in a few clicks?

Well, you can stop imagining. Currently, legaltech allows you to do all that and much more. All without dealing with tedious visits to law firms.

The future is near

What about an Artificial Intelligence capable of predicting the outcome of a lawsuit? Or a program that automatically calculates the probability of success of your case? Can you imagine the advances? 

In the same way as travel agencies, law firms will be relegated to more complex and valuable tasks. They will continue to attract customers who seek higher quality services and personalized treatment. In 10 years, no one will be surprised by receiving an electronically signed lease. Or by claiming 100% online a problem with your bank. It’s similar to no one being surprised nowadays by booking a flight through internet. 

Are you interested in reading more about this topic? Discover how from 2014 the electronic signature is already fully valid and even more secure than the traditional signature in the next article. Although we let you know that once you read it you will not grab a pen to sign again! 😉

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