IRPH Calculator. Calculate how much money belongs to you

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Calculate using our IRPH Calculator the amount your bank owes you if you have mortgage with IRPH

If you are also one of many affected by IRPH-referenced mortgages, you will be interested in calculating with our IRPH calculator withhow much money belongs to you if you claim the abusive clauses.

IRPH Calculator

You can now calculate the amount you can claim if you have a Spanish mortgage with IRPH

What can happen with your Spanish mortgage after the judgement of the CJEU?

The long-awaited European Court of Justice ruling on IRPH is about to fall.  Meanwhile, the EU Advocate General in his latest conclusions stated that the Mortgage Loan Reference Index may not be transparent, because the calculation formula is complex for the average consumer

The lawyer’s conclusions, although not binding, set a precedent, as in most cases the judges’ decision follows the lawyer’s line. Therefore, if the CJEU definitively considers that the IRPH is an abusive contract clause, banks will have to return about 40,000 million euros to those affected by Spanish mortgages with IRPH.

If consumers are finally found right, the next question is: How much money will I get back for claiming my IRPH mortgage? At Legalbono we help you calculate the compensation that belongs to you. With your mortgage data at hand, in just a few clicks you can find out how much money your bank should pay you back if you claim the IRPH of your mortgage.

IRPH Calculator

Calculate in less than 3 minutes how much your bank owes you.​

How can I make a claim?

Now that you know the money your bank owes you, the next step is to start your IRPH claim and get back what is yours.

The steps to claim IRPH are as follows:

  1. Answer a few simple questions and attach the document of your mortgage loan.
  2. Our bank claims professionals will study all documents for free.
  3. If your claim is viable after analysis, we will take care of the rest.

Claim Now

What steps will we follow if your case is viable?

  • First, file an out-of-court claim to ask the bank to remove the index and return the money you overpaid.
  • Normally, the financial institutions will not accept this claim and will defend the legality of the use of the IRPH as a clause.
  • Against this backdrop, the bank will most likely propose that you sign an agreement offering to remove the IRPH from your mortgage as well as return a much lower amount than you could recover by filing a court claim. In addition, it will take advantage of this moment to make you renounce the legal actions to claim the IRPH as it should be.
  • We strongly recommend that if the bank offers you an agreement, do not sign it. This way, you will be able to claim and get back what really belongs to you.

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