Do you know how to claim your cancelled flight?

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You’re on your way to the airport. You are thinking of the trip that you so much desire to do, after weeks planning it. But you arrive at the airport and you find that your flight has been cancelled. Frustrating, isn’t it? We know firsthand. Therefore, we indicate in this post what are your rights as a passenger and how to claim the airline, so that you can make your trip without any inconvenience.

My flight has been cancelled, what are my rights?

Cancelled flights are given when the plane does not leave the airport. When you suffer a flight cancellation, you have five fundamental passenger rights:
• The first is the right to information: The airline must provide you with an informative booklet on your compensation and assistance rights.
Right of attendance: The airline must provide sufficient food and drink, two telephone calls or access to e-mail and, if necessary, one or more nights of accommodation as well as transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation.
Right to reimbursement or alternative transportation: when the airline cancels a flight, it breaches its part of the contract. Therefore, you can claim your money or request an alternative transport, whether it could be a national flight or an international one.
The right to have the company to cover the expenses generated by the transfer to another airport: the company must run with the expenses generated by your transfer to another airport if the case occurs.
Entitlement to compensation depending on the distance of the flight:
-in flights of up to 1,500 km, 250 euros 
-on flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km, 400 euros 
-intra-community flights of more than 1,500 km, 400 euros 
-flights of more than 3,500 km, 600 euros

If the company offers alternative transportation, the compensation is reduced to 50%.

The only case in which an airline has no legal obligation to provide any compensation is given when the flight has been cancelled due to reasons of force majeure, such as a volcanic eruption, extreme weather conditions or strike of air controllers.

Okay, I know my rights, but how do I claim?

To claim for cancelled flights, follow these steps:

First: you can make it through the claims sheets that airlines must have available at the information desks or ticket points at the airports, or make it directly from Legalbono.

The complaint must be directed directly to the customer service department. You can do it either by letter or by electronic means if the company has them. Here you have the list of customer services of airlines, so that it is easier to locate where you have to send the claim.

Secondly: if you do not receive an answer or the claim is rejected, you must make a claim to AESA. On its website you will find the details of where to send the claim.

Important: to claim your cancelled flight it is imperative that:
a) Do not get rid of the airline ticket, and also save the boarding pass if you have obtained it. 

b) Keep any invoice, ticket or proof of payment for the expenses you have had due to cancellation (food, accommodation, phone calls …). 

c) and attach to your claim copy of all of these test documents.

Thirdly: if the AESA report is favorable to you but the airline does not serve it, you can go to court. In that case, AESA’s favorable report will be of great help to you.
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