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Thousands of users from all over the country have joined the leading platform in the intermediation of legal services. You can also be part of the network of lawyers, do you want to know how? Throughout this post we will tell you how the selection process works and the many advantages the LegalTech Engineering presents for the firms , as well as having experts in digital marketing to improve your reputation online. Let’s begin.

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Legaltech’s advantages

No. The LegalTech is not going to make the lawyer disappear. Moreover, it has come to help this profession. LegalTech is a reality, so the sooner you adapt to it, the better. Because of being something recent, we know it can scare, so we bring you the advantages the Legaltech can provide you so you can leave your doubts aside:
  • Competitive Advantage: It gives lawyers an advantage over competitors, differentiating them from the competition. The LegalTech is postulated as necessary to stand out against the competitors of any professional office. The legal market has fierce competition, so any help is good.
  • Increased customer recruitment: Provides greater visibility to lawyers because of the search engine positioning.
  • Greater customer Loyalty: It offers clients better management of their legal issues. More and more customers prefer other forms of alternative contact to face-to-face meeting, since it saves a lot of time and money compared to physical displacement.
  • Efficacy: It facilitates the task of the professionals, allowing to significantly reduce the long time employed before in each process, speeding up the procedures and managements of the professionals and providing them greater productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, the LegalTech should not be conceived as an enemy for the lawyer, since it will not produce a reduction in the volume of the work, but in the workload. Jurists, in short, must have a creative, non-mechanical mind.

Legal marketing virtues for lawyers

What’s so good about having marketing experts? Well, they are experts in marketing that is. As we have mentioned before, competition in the legal market is high, and having an expert who knows how to position and promote you in an effective and professional way, will make you start with a great advantage over the rest. Attracting customers is no longer going to be a problem and you will be able to focus entirely on your profession.
“Our lawyers should not worry about the first attention and subsequent management of the client, only to bring their business with the professionalism that characterizes them”.

How is the selection process performed?

Okay, now. To be part of the network of lawyers it is necessary to pass the selection process. In our case, we do not intend to add as many lawyers as we can in our network. We seek exclusivity and quality. If you want to be part of it, you will have to be able to go through our selection process. The lawyers that are included in our platform are subjected to a control and analysis of the candidacy, in such a way that they prove the experience they have and the lack of sanctions for the bad exercise of the profession. In this way, we eliminate this lack of transparency that anyone can face when hiring a lawyer. More transparency, more customers. It’s a win-win situation.


If you overcome this process, welcome aboard.

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