Curiosities on the rights of the tenant’s rental

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Currently many people prefer to rent an apartment in a stable way, either because they need greater geographical mobility, for convenience or other reasons. If you already or you will be one of them, it is essential that you know what are the obligations and rights of the tenant.

If you have decided to live rental you should know that…

The number of young people and families living rental instead of buying a home increases more and more. This is setting as a way of life, since it has many benefits for the tenant.

Among the many advantages that provides renting a house, we can highlight the mobility that has the user, because if it was necessary, you could change housing and area of residence in a simpler way than with a home on property. In addition, the lease enables young people to be eligible to live in a better home, with the same budget.

If you are going to make the leasing of a property or already have a rent, you must know the rights of the tenant, since this will be a great help when it comes to your contract.


Do you know what are the rights of the tenant?

The tenant of a rental housing has many rights, here you have some of them:

  • Bail: If no damages are in housing or debts at the end of the contract, the deposit must be returned.
  • Cancellation: telling the landlord 30 days before, from 6 months the tenant may terminate the contract.
  • Discount: in exchange for improvements in housing, tenant can negotiate with the owner a discount in the rent.
  • Preferencial acquisition: Without an agreement, the tenant will have preference against other buyers to buy the House.
  • Repairs: If the fault is not from the tenant, you can require repairs to the owner of the elements needed to preserve the conditions in which the house was rented.
  • Tax benefits: The tenant can obtain tax benefits in the tax return for being a residence.


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As to the obligations of the tenant…

Together with the rights of the tenants they also have certain obligations, among which we highlight

  • Bail: You must pay a deposit to perform the contract, intended for possible damage that may occur on the property.
  • Rental: must pay the amount corresponding to the rental within the agreed deadlines.
  • Supplies: must pay expenses for supplies, with the exception of that agreed otherwise in the contract.
  • Housing: at the end of the contract, you must leave the housing in the same state it was in at the beginning.
  • Repairs: the tenant will have to fix all the damage that he has caused.

As you can see live rental already it is a reality, and therefore it is necessary to know the rights of the tenant. If you want to learn more about leases you can visit the platform Legalbono, in it you will find numerous legal guides with essential data for the rental of a dwelling and will even have models of contract to make it more easy.