September, the month of renting

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September is here. For many, we enter the most hated month: we return to work, to the academic year … goodbye holidays!

However, for the Legalbono team this means that we return full of energy! 😉

Today we will talk about something that seems hard to believe: for some, September is the month of rubbing hands. Yes, you read it right. September may also be a desired month.

Surely the title of this post has already given you some other clue on who can has marked in red September 1 in his calendar …

Exactly, we’re talking about those who can rent a flat on property.

piso compartido

If you are lucky enough to belong to this group, or you are thinking of being part of it, you are in luck. September has been made for you.

Protagonists: Grad students 

As we said, the end of the holiday means the beginning of a new academic year. This translates into thousands of grad students leaving their hometown and seeking for a place to live during the entire student period. Therefore, they are one of the reasons of why september is the month of the rent.

But why are grad students so attractive for those looking to rent their apartment?

It’s a safe bet

First of all, even if it’s obvious, it’s because the demand for student flats is very high. The cities that more students welcome at this time of the year are, as expected, Madrid and Barcelona.  But also cities with a lot of university tradition as Cáceres or Salamanca. However, any city with a university is susceptible to receiving grad students.

You get a steady income

Renting a flat to students ensures a fixed income. Even with the crisis, the price of these rents has not varied appreciably year by year. This translates into greater tranquility. Tenant spending varies depending on the cities, but the average figure is between 200 and 550 euros per month. Largely because it is very common to share a flat with other grad students in order to reduce expenses. It’s not risky as a vacation rental where you can make a lot of money in certain periods of the year but not a single penny during others.

No surprises

Finally, because it almost guarantees you that your flat will be rented for the next nine months, without surprise, as students seek, in general, renting a house during the whole student period.

You can’t deny that it is a very attractive audience if you plan to rent your house.

But we don’t just want to tell you how wonderful it is to rent a flat to college students. We know that it also has its drawbacks. For example, renting a flat always involves a lot of paperwork. It is boring, slow and expensive, especially if you have no idea of leasing contracts. So, we want to go one step further and lend you a hand with your lease:
Here‘s the document you need.
You just have to answer a few questions. The contract will be generated automatically and customized for you. It’s 100% legal, easy, and, the best: IT’S FREE!
I know, it’s really cool 😊. I

Why should I make a lease contract?

If you are going to rent your property, making a lease contract and signing it should be pretty much the first thing you have to do once the tenant and you have reached an agreement. Removing the paperwork (we already take care of it) there are all advantages for both:
  • It makes it easy for you all to leave everything fixed: when you are creating your document, you guys will answer a series of questions that you may not have thought of before. For example, who pays for repairs of appliances? How and when will the payment be made? With a contract you avoid unpleasant surprises and disputes, because you have already agreed how to act in most of situations.
  • It is a record of everything agreed: if a conflict arises, you can consult the agreement easily and both parties will have to comply with what is reflected in the contract. It will be more difficult for one party to deceive the other about the duration of the rent, the price …
  • It is a sign of commitment: signing a contract assumes that the intentions of both to carry out the rent are true. It seems silly, but it is not: signing the contract will give you a lot of peace.

Shared apartment: Not of only students does the landlord live.

Rather dying than getting a college student as a tenant? Don’t worry, not of only students does the landlord live. There are many other tenant profiles that may interest you.
Employees who move to another city in search of work, young professionals, expatriates, elderly people who opt to rent a shared apartment instead of residences … The common denominator between them is that they all look for a shared apartment.
In this modality, you assure a lower rate of default and, again, some stability. Why? Because tenants usually get involved in finding a replacement when a room is free to cover the housing expenses and to be able to choose the new partner. It’s a win-win.
Again, as in Legalbono we seek to make your life easier, you can let us take care of the boring part. Or rather, leave it to this document. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
And you? Do you feel like starting September?