Top 5 claims with greater chances of winning

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In this post we bring you the 5 claims with which you will be more likely to win. Ready? Here we go:

1. Off-plan property claim

Claims on promotorists by the people who lost the deposit made when buying an off-plan property are at the top in terms of monetary volume. With more than 600,000 affected, we are talking about a volume of 17 billion euros, which has especially affected foreigners (approximately 180,000 British and German). Transferred to a specific case, an affected person can get €28,000 with this claim. However, the amount can amount to much more, as such estimation has been obtained by making very conservative calculations. In addition, numerous law firms claim that the success rate in this type of claims exceeds 99%.

Therefore, if you know someone affected, encourage him to make his claim! He has a lot to gain and little to lose.


2. Floor clause claim

The star of the top 5 and the most successful claim. No wonder, since in this case we speak of more than 2 million people affected. In addition, the amounts to be returned are not negligible: 3.7 billion euros for those affected since the judgment of the European Court of Justice

To get an idea, if you have a floor clause on your mortgage loan, you can recover up an average of €8,000! It would not be unusual, as the success rate is around 95% of the cases.


3. Plusvalia claim

The most recent of the top. So far, regardless of whether there really was an increase in value when transposing a real estate, you had to pay this tax. However, since the ruling of the Constitutional Court, all those who paid this tax improperly can recover their money.

The numbers? Around 550,000 people, being Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante the most affected provinces. If you have sold or received a property for donation or inheritance in the last 4 years, you could be one of them. In these cases, the average claim is around €5000 plus interests. The success rate in these cases depends on many factors such as the value of the floor, although the overall trend is more and more positive.


4. Airline claim

The famous airline claims, so common on these dates. We talk about a million and a half affected by incidents such as delays, cancellations and overbooking, as well as 2.5 million for problems with the baggage (loss, damage, delay …).

If you’re going to catch a flight soon, this interests you. Don’t be part of that 95% of Spaniards who do not know their rights as a passenger. Especially, attention if you travel with Vueling, EasyJet or Ryanair, as they are the companies with the most affected. The chances of success exceed 90% in these cases.

In our guide you will find all the information you need but we can tell you right now that the amounts are around €1300 for the loss of your suitcase, while the relative to your flight move between 250 and €600 depending on the distance of your flight.


5. Telephone claim

Last but not least, claims to telephone companies. This type of claim is the most successful claim by volume, specifically 1 out of every 4 claims of the total belong to this sector. However, many companies take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the consumer to impose their conditions on accession contracts, in many cases skimming illegality. In these cases, approximately the 75% are successful.

The companies that have more claims behind their backs are Vodafone and Movistar, so you must pay close attention to the imposition of uncontracted services, collection of undue invoices or refusal to process lines. If you’ve had a problem with your teleoperator, don’t make a mess of yourself!